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Nuorgam itself is an attraction as it is the northernmost village of the European Union and Finland – small yet northernmost! You can choose the scenic road route leading to Nuorgam that travels alongside the River Tenojoki (Karigasniemi–Nuorgam) and was chosen as Finland’s most beautiful road. In addition, Nuorgam Holiday Village and its environs is surrounded by a number of different sights and day trip locations.

The northernmost point of the European Union

Border marker on the national border 70° 5’ N 27° 58’ E

The northernmost school of the European Union

Tana Museum, Polmak

History and culture of salmon fishing and the Tenojoki River. Open during the summertime. (five kilometres from Nuorgam)

Isonkivenvaara Hill

Isokivenvaara is a magnificent spot for viewing the scenery, a place with sitting stones where folk have rested on their ascent from the village up the fell. On the roadside you will discover environmental art – a riverboat made from stones called “Nuorgamiin Menijä”. (Located along thew Pulmankijärventie road, one kilometre from the village).

Regal Rock boulder

Vetsikko – located between Nuorgam and Utsjoki

Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area

The Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area is Finland’s largest wilderness that extends out all the way to Norway.

Mortensnes Cultural Heritage Area

Mortensnes Cultural Heritage Area has Stone Age dwellings, Sámi sacrificial spots and tombs dating back over 10,000 years. The outdoor museum is open throughout the year. A popular shore fishing spot. (56 kilometres from Nuorgam)

Nivajoki-Alajalve Museum Road

A former rapid water detour road and Alajalve ancient dwelling.

Norway and the Arctic Ocean

Picturesque neighbouring fishing villages and towns.
Tips for daytrips. Sights and adventures in Finnmark/Norway


The quaint village of Hamningberg is located on the Varanger Peninsula, 40 kilometres from Vardø. The abandoned fishing village is filled with residents only in the summertime. Nature is rugged and barren, but the bird population is rich. If you’re lucky you will spot a whale or seal on the shores.


Bugøynes is a small fishing village, with most of its population being Finnish descendants, is located approximately 100 kilometres from Nuorgam. For lovers of the great outdoors, the environment offers a wide range of activities and for birdwatchers, close to the village there’s the Ranvika bird cliff.

Nesseby / Uuniemi

Nesseby is a picturesque fishing village on the Norwegian side of the border, approximately 50 kilometres from Nuorgam. Nesseby has an idyllic old wooden church and small harbour definitely worth a visit on the Vadsø – Vardø route. The terrain holds a number of Stone Age and historical monuments.

Vadsø – Vardø

Nuorgam Prayer Room (chapel)

Polmak Church

The Church is located in the village of Polmak in Norway. (approximately five kilometres from Nuorgam)

Pulmankijärvi Lake and Pulmankijoki River Valley

Finland’s northernmost lake is a former Arctic Ocean fjord (approximately 20 km from the village of Nuorgam). Lake Pulmankijärvi and its river valley with magnificent landscapes is excellent terrain for hiking and skiing. Hiking, cross-country skiing and snowmobile routes between Nuorgam and Sevettijärvi travel via Pulmankijärvi.


The highest mountain in eastern Finnmark, also excellently visible from the top of the Isovaara hill in Nuorgam.

Varanger Sámi Museum, Varangerbotn

Varanger Sámi Museum showcases the history, culture and modern day lives of the Coastal Sámi. Open daily during the summertime 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., other times Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. (36 kilometres from Nuorgam).

Välimaa River Sámi Farm

Välimaa River Sámi Farm is a Sámi farm on the shores of the River Tenojoki halfway between the villages of Utsjoki and Nuorgam. The Sámi farm was founded in 1858 around fishing grounds that have been used for centuries; its farmworkers fished and tended their sheep. Today the farm is a historical site and a genuine piece of Sámi history. It tells visitors about the way of life in the rugged but beautiful natural setting of the extreme north of Finland.

Utsjoki Church and Church Cottages

The magnificent stone church was designed by Carl Engel and dates back to the 1850s. The Church Cottages were owned by Sámi families and used as accommodation during times of important church festivities. The movie Christmas Story was filmed here.