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At Nuorgam Holiday Village we want to offer you the opportunity to feel at home on holiday. There’s plenty to do for those who thrive from activity – and there’s tranquillity promised for those who favour relaxation gazing at the flowing Tenojoki River or perhaps watching the Northern Lights. Don’t forget that staying at Nuorgam you will be able to experience two nations on one trip. Fell highland therapy is a novel way of revitalising yourself and relaxing. Come and experience it for yourself!

Category: Rental

Canoeing is a great way to explore the breathtaking and beautiful River Teno.

Wintertime makes Nuorgam a superior place for snowmobile riding due to its outstanding location and many different routes. You can choose snowmobile day trips from a short ice fishing trip to an Arctic Ocean safari covering hundreds of kilometres.

Nuorgam Holiday Village has an ideal location close to interesting bird spots.

AvailabilityThroughout the year
Category: Rental

Cross-country skiing set, snowshoes, arctic outfit, backpack or Nordic walking sticks, boat for the Tenojoki River, outboard motor for the boat for the Tenojoki River,  Fishing equipment and the Arctic Ocean fishing equipment...

Price: 165,00

Experience the power of the Arctic on snowmobiles riding as far as the Finnish–Norwegian border.

AvailabilityDecember - April

In the magnificent landscapes surrounding Nuorgam, on top of the fells and down in the river valley, even the most demanding of mountain bikers will discover their own trails.

AvailabilityMay - October

Equally as important as skiing in Nuorgam is viewing the open snowscapes of the fell highlands, feeling the true power of nature and enjoying tranquillity.

The Nuorgam region has excellent areas for picking berries and mushrooms from the end of July through to the beginning of September.

AvailabilityJuly - September

Weather permitting, you have a good opportunity of seeing an unforgettable Northern Lights performance while riding a snowmobile across the snowscapes.


Norway and the Arctic Ocean are just a stone’s throw from Nuorgam. Norway is a whole world of its own throughout the year; experience small fishing villages, strong Coastal Sámi culture, and the idyllic Finnish culture in Bugøynes, Little Finland.

AvailabilityThroughout the year

The fell highland terrain of the Nuorgam region offers relaxed trekking and a more challenging pace on the Norwegian fells.

AvailabilityAlways weather permitting

Explore the region easily by bike.

AvailabilityMay - October