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Salmon Fishing

Nuorgam’s best summertime asset is the salmon – we are located in the heart of the salmon valley at the best fishing spots on the Tenojoki River, in Nuorgam’s quiet waters. The largest salmon caught from our calm waters weighed in at 23.5 kilograms and the biggest salmon ever caught on the Tenojoki River was a male salmon weighing over 30 kg. This is the destination salmon fishermen are crazy about, arriving from all over the world.

The Arctic Waters video (link) will introduce you to fishing on the Tenojoki River and the village of Nuorgam. The series of programs tells of the northern region with its genuine appeal and shows its people, events and, of course, fishing in an interesting way (in Finnish). We recommended you take a look at the series!

Fishing licence sales



Availability Not available in 2021
Prices Boat 30 €/day
Outboard motor 35 €/day
Guide from 50 €/hour
Fishing equipment 20 €/set/day
Disinfecting equipment 5 €/set
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