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Our story

Nuorgam Holiday Village

Nuorgam Holiday Village is a family-run and charming destination at Finland’s northernmost point, set in a small and idyllic riverside indigenous Sámi village, the village of Nuorgam, just a few kilometres from the Finnish–Norwegian border.

The Holiday Village is Marjatta’s home and nowadays running the resort is the way of life for the entire family, as it has been already over 50 years. Marjatta’s parents, Johanna and Mauno established the family enterprise in 1970. Back then, they managed a boarding house that also had a taxi service, telephone exchange and a weather station belonging to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Generational change was done in 1990, which gave brother and sister Marjatta and Veli responsibility for running the business. Since 2011, Marjatta and her husband Raimo, together with their children Santeri, Eemeli and Veera, have been running the holiday village.