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Nuorgam Village Info

Village and services

Traditional Sámi Village

Located in the Municipality of Utsjoki, Nuorgam is a traditional riverside Sámi village. Today’s population is approximately 200 and the languages spoken here are Finnish, Sámi and Norwegian. The main sources of livelihood are natural economies, cross-border trade and tourism. The village services have a long history due to the proximity of Norway and cross-border trade. Indeed, the unemployment rate in Nuorgam is zero and some of the villagers work in Norway.


Nuorgam is a traditional riverside Sámi village with its villagers earning their livelihoods from natural economies, fishing, willow grouse hunting and cattle farming, particularly tending sheep. Historically, reindeer husbandry did not play a big role, but has increased since. Because of the barren natural conditions of the northern location, it has not been possible to cultivate crops.


Nuorgam has a wide range of services available. Opening hours can be checked direct from the companies’ websites.


  • K-Market Aurala
  • K-market Nuorgam
  • Johansen Oy building supplies
  • Learex building supplies
  • Alko (alcohol sales), located in the K-market Nuorgam premises

Service station

  • Samimootor (vehicle repairs and spare part sales)
  • Fuel sales: SEO (automat)

Activity services

Medicine dispensary

  • found in the Samimootor Oy premises

Salmon and reindeer/Natural product shops

  • Inger Delikatesser, 100 metres from the Holiday Village in the direction of Nuorgam
  • Porotuote Länsmän, 3 km in the direction of Norway – in Rajala
  • Insku, 3 km in the direction of Norway – in Rajala

Postal service

  • operates in K-Market Nuorgam

Matkahuolto (bus & parcel services)

  • in the Samimootor Oy premises


  • Nuorgam Holiday Village +358 400 294 669
  • Raimo Esa Guttorm, tel. +358 40 1239 395

Chapel (Nuorgam Prayer Room)

Bank services

Nuorgam does not have a bank automat (ATM). The closest ATM is located in the village of Inari (170 km) and a credit card ATM in the municipality of Tana on the Norwegian side of the border (25 km).